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SHE'S DIXIE ALL THE TIME (Alfred Bryan / Harry Tierney, 1916) Wedding bells are ringing gay "Way down Alabama way For a new married couple leaving Dixie, they say; Then a grey hair'd mammy smil'd As she said, "God bless you child." That girl's grieving 'cause she's leaving. She can't stay away. What's the matter tell me, Joe. Don't you like the ice and snow," Said the clerk at the Astor as they pack'd up to go; Then the gay young bridegroom sigh'd As he pointed to the bride, "She's the reason, not the season. She can't be denied. She was born in old Kentucky, She was raised in Tennessee. Went to school in Alabama Where she learn'd her A. B. C. Then she mov'd down to Georgia when she was sixteen, Spent vacation with her relation 'Bout a year or two in New Orleans. She's been in every state in Dixie 'cept the state of marriage bliss, She takes a dip each morning in the Brandy wine, Hangs her clothes upon the Mason Dixon Line. She was born and rais'd in Dixie, And she's Dixie all the time.


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