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SIAM (Music: By Fred Fischer / Lyrics: Howard Johnson) American Quartet - 1916 'Cross the desert, night winds are blowing To my lonely tent I creep All the stars for you are a-glowing Do you wonder why I weep I'll be praying, dear, for your caravan, To bring you straight to me When I greet you, I'll be a happy man To love you constantly, Aaah! Siam, I'm so lonesome where I am If you love your Omar Khayam You'll understand and Come to my Persian garden I'll ask the Gods for pardon As before the Temple door we stand, while hand in hand There's lots of room here on this rug of mine for two I only want my little jug of wine and you Siam, I'm so lonesome where I am You know who's waiting for you When you come from Siam Siam, I am waiting for you When you come from Siam You come from Siam (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2014)


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