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SINGIN'THE BLUES (TIL' MY DADDY COMES HOME) Bee Palmer's vocal in "Singin' The Blues" is noteworthy as an early example of vocalese, or singing lyrics written to fit a recorded instrumental solo. Here, lyrics were specially written by Ted Koehler to fit the solos of Bix and Tram from their 1927 Okeh recording of the song. Bee Palmer (vocals) with FRANK TRUMBAUER AND HIS ORCHESTRA Bix Beiderbecke (cornet); Frank Trumbauer (C-melody sax); Jimmy Dorsey (clarinet/alto saxophone); Bill Rank (trombone); Paul Mertz (piano); Howdy Quicksell (banjo); Chauncey Morehouse (drums); on 80393 only, Eddie Lang (guitar) replaces Quicksell and Miff Mole (trombone) replaces Bill Rank: Singiní The Blues (Til My Daddy Comes Home) ...... sung by Bee Palmer 10th January 1929, with Frankie Trumbauer, Bix Beiderbecker etc Cos Iím just singiní the blues, Til my daddy comes back home Now all I do is sigh and cry since he went away So would you, and youíd be blue too You know it, every blues strain I hear, Puts a pain into my weary heart See I donít care what becomes of me Whatís the good of living When the man you love is not around How can he stay away so long When he knows I never did him wrong If he would only come back to his Beebee Iíd hug him and kiss him Iíd squeeze him and tease him And thatís not all, thatís not all Iíd do God only knows how much he means to me My man I love him so Still Iím all alone Now you donít- And I want you to know I do KeppaÖ.boom .. Ripl DadaÖ.. Fala dee mamaÖ.. Ratateep atootl lalala etc (Scat one whole verse) Say I dare say I dare say Iíd even lay me down and die Oh no Oh yes Oh no Oh yes Say Iíd even, yes Iíd even lay me, lay me down and die. * Bee Palmer and the other soloists on were in fact singing this number with the full Paul Whiteman Orchestra. (Transcribed by Ms Pamela Molyneux - December 2011)


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