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SITTING BESIDE O YOU (Jack Waller, Joseph Tunbridge, Robert Weston, Bert Lee) Jack Jackson & His Orchestra V. Fred Latham Recorded 24th September 1934 There are you, and here am I Im sitting beside o you Youre sitting beside o me Were sitting beside each other Isnt it fine. And I hope that by and by Ill cuddle up close to you Youll cuddle up close to me Well cuddle up one another When you are mine. While were here Im dreaming, dear Of honeymoons and sunny afternoons In the shade where tea is laid Where little cups and saucers and the spoons all seem to Sing to me in harmony A couple o lumps for you A couple o lumps for me But I shall get all the cream, dear Sitting beside o you. Transcribed from John Wrights 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2013)


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