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SLEEPY EYES (Connor / Ralton) as recorded by Petula Clark with orchestra directed by Frank Chacksfield 1950 Sleepy eyes, the sandman softly calling, Sleepy eyes, it's time to say goodnight. Off to dreamland where fairy tales come true, Jack and Jill and Snow White wait for you. Sleepy eyes, the sleepy sand is falling, In the skies the stars are twinkling bright. Don't leave your teddy bear in case he cries, He's weary too for dreamland, sleepy eyes. [spoken] Close your eyes, tightly now! Soon you'll see all your picture book friends, Little Boy Blue, Little Bo Peep, and Jack and Jill, They're all waiting for you in toyland. Snuggle down in your cosy little dreamboat, And sail away, sail away to dreamland. [sung] Hear how your teddy bear so softly sighs, Just cuddle close, goodnight my sleepy eyes. [spoken] Goodnight, God bless! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2014)


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