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SLEEPY HOLLOW (Harold G. Frost / Lemuel Fowler, Henri Klickmann, 1920) Sweetheart, I've been dreaming of a by gone day When you said you loved me so; Silv'ry stars are gleaming just to light my way, Seems they know that I want to go Underneath the willow 'neath a sky of blue, While the moonlight softly beams, I will make my pillow while I dream of you, Once again I will stroll in dreams Back to Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Hollow, Where I first met you, I'll dream again, all the dream we knew, I'll dream again dear, of your sweet eyes of blue. In the shadows falling you are calling As you used to do, While the mem'ries follow "Sleepy Hollow" Where I first met you.


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