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SMOKING GUN Album : Strong Persuader Robert Cray I get a constant busy signal when I call you on the phone I get a strong uneasy feeling you're not sitting there alone I'm having nasty nasty visions and baby you're in every one, yeah And I'm so afraid I'm gonna find you with a still hot, smokin gun Maybe you want to end it, you've had your fill of my kind of fun But you don't know how to tell me and you know that I'm not that dumb I put two and one together and you know that's not an even sum And I know just where to find you with a still hot, smokin gun I'm standing here bewildered, I can't remember just what I've done I can hear the sirens whining, my eyes blinded by the sun I know that I should be running, my heart's beating just like a drum Now they've knocked me down and taken it, that still hot, smokin gun Yeah still hot, smokin gun Yes they've taken it Still hot, smokin gun Oh they've taken it Still hot, smokin gun Knocked me down, taken it


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