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SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE (Johnny Mercer) Recorded by: Beegie Adair; Eric Alexander; Michael Andrews; Fred Astaire; Tony Orchestra Burgos; Robert Clary; Rosemary Clooney; Harry Connick Jr.; Roz Corral; Sonny Criss; Sammy Davis Jr.; Tony DeSare; Michael Feinstein; Ella Fitzgerald; Five By Design; Gatlin Brothers; Robert Goulet; Buddy Greco; Roy Hamilton; Niki Haris; Dick Haymes; Bill Henderson; Charles Holden; Eddy Howard & his Orch.; Jacintha; Joni James; Jack Jones; Sheila Jordan; Brian Kellock Trio; Cleo Laine; Julius LaRosa; Veronica Martell; Susannah McCorkle; The McGuire Sisters; Johnny Mercer; Marilyn Monroe; Tommy Newsom; Royal Crown Revue; Frank Sinatra; The Spitfire Band; Ted Straeter; Maxine Sullivan; Pat Suzuki; Mel Tormé; Marlene Ver Planck; Dinah Washington; Margaret Whiting. Something's got to give (3x) When an irresistible force such as you Meets an old immovable object like me You can bet just as sure as you live Something's got to give (3x) When an irrepressible smile such as yours Warms an old implacable heart such as mine Don't say no, because I insist Somewhere, somehow, someone's got to be kissed So, en garde, who knows what the fates might have in store? From their vast mysterious sky? I'll try hard ignoring those lips that I adore But how long can anyone try? Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight it with all of our might Chances are some heavenly star-spangled night We'll find out just as sure as we live Something's got to give (3x) Fight fight fight it with all of your might Chances are that some heavenly star-spangled night We'll find out just as sure as we live Something's got to give (3x) Something's got to give (2x) Aww, let's tear it up !


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