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SOUL SEARCHIN' (Andy Paley / Brian Wilson) Solomon Burke Also recorded by: Brian Wilson I was a fool I told a lie I did you wrong I made you cry So now I'm walkin' all alone Down the darkest street in town Standing in the rain While my tears keep fallin' down I'm soul searchin' How could I say goodbye to you? I'm soul searchin' I made you cry How could I leave Somebody like you How could I do all the silly things That I do What makes me try the way I do Act a fool the way I do I need you so bad baby Won't you come back to me? I'm soul searchin' But nobody likes my baby I keep soul searchin' It's driving me crazy Why did I ever say goodbye I must be outta my mind I keep walkin' and lookin' for a sign I gotta be crazy baby To ever let you go I keep lookin' for a sign Oh why Do I get all the bad breaks How could I make Such stupid mistakes But the truth won't come to me No matter how I wreck my brain The rain keeps fallin' down And I keep callin' out your name I'm soul searchin'


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