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SOUTHBOUND (Ned Miller) Hank Snow Hear the clickety clack of the railroad track Means the wheels are rollin' and I'm goin' back To the girl I left in a rundown shack I'm southbound As the miles rush by I miss her more and more tears in my eyes and my heart is sore Soon I'll be a knockin' on her front door I'm southbound Southbound to my baby southbound I'm nearly crazy Gonna take her in my arms and never let her go Never gonna leave her never ever anymore Soon I'll be a knockin' on her front door I'm southbound ( piano ) Now the rhythm of the wheels call a memory every mile it comes a little closer to me Soon it's gonna be reality I'm southbound My heart keeps sayin' boy you made a mistake Thought you was a rambler but you're only a fake This'll be the last trip I'm a gonna make I'm southbound Southbound to my baby... ( piano ) Now the night that I left her well she pleaded with me I know that you're leavin' but it has to be I'm hopin' that she is a waitin' for me I'm southbound It's hard to wait till I can see her face I still remember how her sweet lips taste Not another day am I gonna waste I'm southbound (Southbound to my baby...)


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