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SOUTHERN GALS (Jack Yellen / Albert Gumble, 1917) I've just come back from the South today And there is one thing I'd like to say Tho' I've been most everywhere I've never seen such gals as they have down there. It seems that each little peach you see Is just as sweet as a peach can be Tho' I can't describe them all to you Let me name you just a few. I kind of wish I'd have stay'd down there It's not so much I need the air But it's true and plain to see Those little southern gals made a hit with me And when I march to the wedding tune I've got a hunch I'll be marching soon When you see my bride you'll understand Why I'm stuck on Dixieland. There's Mary down in Maryland She's mighty pretty And sweet Virginia too She'll make a hit with you You'll go dippy over Mississippi And the gals named Caroline They're birds of a feather So they flock together And believe me they're just fine Then there's Lucy Anna with naughty eyes And a peach named Georgia who takes the prize So if you get lonesome any time Come across the Mason Dixon Line And I'll introduce you to those Southern Gals.


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