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SPANISH LULLABY (Bill Johnson) Marty Robbins - 1967 This my friends is an old Spanish lullaby. And it's been handed down from generation to generation. And in it, a father is singing to his baby son. And he's telling him, "Close your eyes little one and sleep. And dream while the angels watch over you. I will hold your hand. And when you wake with the morning, I'll still be here. Cierras ya tus ojitos. Duermete sin temor. Sueña con angelitos parecidos a ti. Y te agarrare tu mano. Duermete sin temor. Cuando tu despiertes, yo estare aqui. Da,da..da,da.,da..da,da.,da.. Da,da..da,da..,da,da.. Da,da..da,da.,da..da,da.,da.. Da,da..da,da..,da,da.. Y te agarrare tu mano. Dueremete sin temor. Cuando tu despiertes, yo estare aqui.


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