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SPIRAL (Anderson) Jethro Tull Kilometers from nowhere on a scented avenue - Lined with poppy girls. I didn't stop, stop to say hello. Curious vendors - waving bric-a-brac - Looked me over - Thought it best, best that I should go. Don't wake me: I'm falling. Slow spiral into morning. Who's out there? Can't hear you. Ears covered - early warning. Alarm bells ringing. Time to make my peace with the dreary day. I waited atbles - I was tipped in roubles. Wine to water Was the best that I could do. Wild office parties split the silence. Loaves and fishes at an empty table laid for two. Down the spiral, spinning madly. Gathering momentum On a disneyesque adventure ride. I fly in colours from richer palettes. Famous artists running scared as worlds collide.


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