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SPRING WILL BE A LITTLE LATE THIS YEAR From the film "Christmas Holiday" (1944) (Words & Music: Frank Loesser) Deanna Durbin (Film Soundtrack) - 1944 Morton Downey - 1944 Sarah Vaughan (with Miles Davis) - 1950 Helen Merrill - 1956 The Four Lads - 1957 Anita O'Day (with Cal Tjader) - 1962 Also recorded by: Ella Fitzgerald; Carly Simon & Jimmy Webb; George Evans; Red Garland Trio; Jeri Southern; Joni James; Liz Callaway; Wynton Marsalis; Lola Haag; Michael Feinstein; Barbara Lea; Deborah Shulman; Pete Churchill Trio; ..........and others. January and Februay were never so empty and grey Tragic'lly I feel like crying Without you, my darling, I'm dying But let's rather put it this way Spring will be a little late this year A little late arriving in my lonely world over here For you have left me and where is our April of old You have left me and Winter continues cold As if to say.......Spring will be a little slow to start A little slow reviving music it made in my heart Yes, time heals all things, so I needn't cling to this fear It's merely that Spring will be a little late this year


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