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STAY IN MY CORNER (Wade Flemons / Bobby Miller) The Dells Also recorded by: Honey Cone; Patti LaBelle. If you stay-ay-ay darling (stay in my corner) You make me so proud, stay darling Please stay in my corner To the world I'd cry my love How I love you Honey I love you, I really love you Please, please, please stay darling And I will never never let you down Just say you'll stay Stay in my corner Cause I'll need you always around To tell me you love me Honey love me, so darling stay There'll be times when I may fail I'll need your love to comfort me But if these may prevail But just a kiss from you Will make things sweet MMM stay, ohhhhh stay One more time baby But just a kiss from you Will make things sweet Honey I love you, I love you I love you FADE


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