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STEPPIN' OUT WITH MY BABY (Irving Berlin) Fred Astaire Here he comes lookin' for his baby It's for sure, sure and not for maybe Don't ask when will the lucky day be Here he comes and let him tell you himself: If I seem to scintillate It's because I've got a date A date with a package of The good things that come with love You don't have to ask me I won't waste your time But if you should ask me Why I feel sublime I'm Steppin' out with my baby Can't go wrong 'cause I'm in right It's for sure, not for maybe That I'm all dressed up tonight Steppin' out with my honey Can't be bad to feel so good Never felt quite so sunny And I keep on knockin' wood There'll be smooth sailin' 'cause I'm trimmin' my sails With a bright shine on my shoes and on my nails (alternate line: In my top hat and my white tie and my tails) Steppin' out with my baby Can't go wrong 'cause I'm in right Ask me when will the day be The big day may be tonight


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