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STONED SUNDAY (Lyrics : Doug Ready) Doug Ready & Jericho - Copyright renewed 2001 Douglas Meredith Ready (Chorus) Stoned Sunday and Monday Tuesday, Iím feeling no pain Come Wednesday Iím hazy Thursday, I remember your name But Friday is payday Saturday Iím drinkiní again Stoned Sunday and Monday Will this memory of you never end? I remember your lipstick Lying empty on the living room floor Red letters on the mirror Saying I donít want to see you no more You packed up and walked out And left me a shell of a man Iím empty, but Iíll fill up Just as soon as I can open this can (Chorus) Thereís a lot of pretty women I see them everywhere that I go They smile when they see me Thereís no way that they could possibly know Theyíre looking at a reflection Of the man that I used to be And if the clouds come, and the sun goes It would wipe away the image of me (Chorus)


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