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STRONG IN REASON (Chris Difford / Glenn Tilbrook) Squeeze You get your trunks out of the drawer You see your self as once before. The empty box lies on the chair Another steroid grease your hair. The sun ray lamp is put away There is no reason to be afraid. So fix yourself into a shape Your audience is half awake. The time has come to flex your back Another day for you meat rack. Strong in vigour Strong in arm, Strong with almost perfect charm. Strong in tension Strong in strength, Strong in almost every sense. Out on the stage the lights are green It's one step forward now you've been seen. The right arm up the left arm down Open mouthed the vacant crowd. Your chest of wax flips like a coin Into the rhythm into the join. The ladies in the comfortable seats They look at you with eyes so deep. Don't take a bow because your get the sack I'm pleased to slag you off meat rack.


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