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STRUT MISS LIZZIE John Turner Layton (m) Henry Creamer (l) 1921 as rec by Dick Robinson w Irving Mills & his Hotsy Totsy Gang June 6th 1930 New York also rec by- Lucille Hegamin & her Blue Flame Syncopaters '21 Mary Stafford w Charlie Johnson & his Orch '21 The Norfilk Jazz Quartette '21 Eddie Condon & his Band '39 Laurie Cresco & his Goodtime Jazz Won't you strut Miss Lizzie, Get busy! I wanna see you walk; Oh, the folks all see the way you syncopate, Hear the whole town talk! When you move so preety, It's a pity The other girlies frown, But the men you meet Like the way you shake your feet; Oh, you knock'em dizzy, Strut Miss Lizzie Brown! Go down the street, by the school, Pack your feet you struttin' fool! Strut your stuff by the kirk, Trot your tootsies by the church! Through the alley, dodge the cans, Shake Miss Ellie's pots and pans. Cool your dog, we're comin' through, Except for Lennox Avenue! (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2010)


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