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STYLE KILLS (Gary Numan / Robert Palmer) Robert Palmer I see you got yourself a brand new bag You had enough of the imitation drag Although you're leaping to the latest thing You can't ignore the suspicion of a hallow ring Big bills Cheap thrills Style kills You say you set your standards way too high So you convincingly effect a compromise Some unsuspecting body's gonna pay When you discover that you can't always Have your way Big pain, big pills, style kills If he won't you will style kills You say your lover's gotta a lot of nerve 'Cause he won't keep you in the style that you deserve You kid yourself you're only marking time Till you fulfill the revenge in the back Of your mind Clear out, no frills, style kills You never take the blame for your mistakes Why should you give anyone an even break If he won't - you will style kills (Contributed by - May 2007)


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