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SUDDENLY THERE'S A VALLEY (Chuck Meyer / Isham Jones] Recorded by : Patty Andrews; Dorsey Burnette; Glen Campbell; Petula Clark; Floyd Cramer; Bing Crosby; The Drifters; Jane Froman; Gogi Grant; Julius LaRosa; Reba McEntire; Country Dick Montana; Bob Ralston; Jo Stafford; Andy Williams. When you've climbed the highest mountain When a cloud holds the sunshine in Suddenly there's a valley Where the earth knows peace with man When a storm hides the distant rainbow And you think you can't find a friend Suddenly there's a valley Where friendships never end Touched only by the seasons Swept clean by the waving grain Surveyed by a happy bluebird And kissed by the falling rain When you think there's no bright tomorrow And you feel you can't try again Suddenly there's a valley Where hope and love begin Suddenly there's a valley Where hope and love begin


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