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SUNSHINE (Harley Hatcher / Lalo Shifrin / Mike Curb) Sammi Smith - 1974 He was the sunshine of my life Used to wake the day up with his smile I know he loved me once upon a time 'Cause real love ain't an easy thing to hide Then I watched the storm clouds start to roll And darkness drove the sunshine from his eyes Now I often think of once upon a time 'Cause a dyin' love ain't an easy thing to hide But if you look you'll see that I ain't cryin' The good Lord knows we sure had some good times tryin' And the echo of his laughter, it lingered even after He packed up all his things and moved along Leavin' just the traces of a song But he was the sunshine of my life And the warmth I feel is all he left behind But I wouldn't trade one single yesterday 'Cause happy times ain't an easy thing to find He was the sunshine of my life The sunshine, sunshine of my life (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2012)


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