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SWANEE MAMMY (Morey / Trent) as recorded by The Boswell Sisters with The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra June 15th 1933 New York My Swanee mammy, no longer will I roam, Your boy is comin' home. It's oh so plain to see, Mammy I can hear you callin' me. I've been so weary, Not a soul to cheer me, I'm lonely as can be! I was a fool to leave you, Swanee mammy, never no more! I made a rule, believe me, To stay around your cabin door. Swanee mammy, no longer will I roam, Swanee mammy, your boy is comin' home. Swanee mammy, my love will lead me on To your doorway, 'cause that's where I belong! Mountains I've climbed, rivers I've crossed, I knew it had to be! Mile after mile, Your sunny smile Just kept on helping me back to Swanee mammy, your boy is comin' home! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2014)


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