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SWINGIN' John Anderson There's a little girl in our neighbourhood Her name is Charlotte Johnson and she's really looking good I had to go and see her so I called her on the phone I walked over to her house, and this was going on: Her brother was on the sofa eating chocolate pie Her mama was in the kitchen cutting chicken up to fry Her daddy was in the backyard rolling up a garden hose I was on the porch with Charlotte feeling love down to my toes And we were swingin' Yeah we were swingin' Little Charlotte she's as pretty as the angels when they sing I can't beleive it started on her front porch in the swing Just a swingin' Now Charlotte is a darling she's the apple of my eye When I'm on the swing with her it makes me almost high Now Charlotte is my lover and she has been since the spring I just can't believe it started on her front porch in the swing Just a swingin'


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