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SWINGIN' AT THE SEANCE Lyrics and music by Al Avey, Ernie Carnice and Eddie Stone Dorothy Claire with the Glenn Miller Orchestra In a house up on a rock along the countryside, At precisely twelve o'clock the spooks begin to rise. Swingin' at the seance, twelve ticks, Swingin' at the seance, hot licks, With the medium in trance, How that horn began to dance. Swingin' at the seance, five men, Swingin' at the seance, jive men, When the trumpet blasted out, All the spooks began to shout. That music came through so sweetly low-down, Yet nobody knew who was riff-riff-riffin' around. Swingin' at the seance, black coats, Swingin' at the seance, blue notes, While the trumpet could have won a cup, Its jivin' broke the seance up, And who do you think was a-riffin' away? No one else but Billy May. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - March 2012)


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