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SYLVIA'S MOTHER (Words & Music : Shel Silverstein) Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - 1972 Sylvia's mother says "Sylvia's busy" "Too busy to come to the phone" Sylvia's mother says "Sylvia's tryin'" "To start a new life of her own" Sylvia's mother says "Sylvia's happy" "So why don't you leave her alone?" CHORUS And the operator says "40 cents more for the next 3 minutes" Ple-ease Mrs. Avery, I just gotta talk to her I'll only keep her a while Please Mrs. Avery, I just wanna tell 'er goodbye Sylvia's mother says "Sylvia's packin'" "She's gonna be leavin' today" Sylvia's mother says "Sylvia's marryin' " "A fella down Galveston way" Sylvia's mother says "Please don't say nothin'" "To make her start cryin' and stay" CHORUS Sylvia's mother says "Sylvia's hurryin' " "She's catchin' the nine o'clock train" Sylvia's mother says "Take your umbrella" "cause Sylvie, it's startin' to rain" And Sylvia's mother says "thank you for callin'" "And, sir, won't you call back again?" CHORUS Tell her goodbye


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