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TAKE ME BACK TO CELL 13 Oh, my life was so peaceful at San Quentin And I long to be back at Leavenworth There's no place that has a thing on Alcatraz There's not a more quiet spot on earth On the day the parole board gave me freedom, They all sure played a dirty trick on me 'Cause I'll risk my life returning to my wife I'd rather they'd throw away the key Take me back, take me back to Cell 13 Where my cares were so few and far between Little did I ever think I'd be homesick for the clink Take me back, take me back to Cell 13 I was in for a term at old Atlanta I went up for a stretch at Joliet Back home in the pen we're all forgotten men But we don't have to pay for what we get We don't care if we never earn a living 'Cause in good times or bad we always eat There's no worldly care nor income taxes there And no bill collectors will you meet Take me back, take me back to Cell 13 Let me gaze on the old familiar scene This old world gives me a pain Give me back my ball and chain Take me back, take me back to Cell 13 (Transcribed/Contributed by Lee Sartain - June 2006)


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