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TALES FROM THE VIENNA WOODS From THE FILM "THE GREAT WALTZ" (1938) Music by Johann Strauss II, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II Sung by Miliza Korjus Was it a shepherd's horn Piercing the morning air? Was it an angel singing, Heralding what the day was bringing? Were you a dream of mine, Lying beside me there, Stolen from another world Making this world fair? The sun came up and blessed the sky. The song of birds caressed the sky, A golden song that seemed to be A serenade for you and me. And so they sang the dawn away And soon the dawn had gone away. The sun climbed high and higher, Waking up a sleeping world. Petals on a rose unfurled, And the sun climbed high and higher. Then the touch of your hand made you real to me. And you looked at me, ah, so tenderly. Ah, so tenderly did you look at me, And the sun riding high Seemed to say, "What a day, what a sky!" But the day hurried on, And the sun found a hill and was gone. Night is flying fast. Time is dancing past. But still I look at you And still you look at me, And still we seem to be enchanted by each other. I wonder how a night can fly so fast? I wonder if a joy like ours can last? We can laugh and we'll dance And the music will play. And we'll take the romance And be glad that we may. Ah-[cadenza] We can look at a star And a dream can go far. And we'll talk and we'll flirt And we'll drink to the night. And we'll drink to our love And our hearts will be light. Ah-[cadenza] Our love is ours alone, No one else's paradise, Only our own. (Transcribed by Claire Weiner - February 2014)


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