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TEDDY BEAR SONG (Don Earl / Nick Nixon) Barbara Fairchild - 1973 I wish I had button eyes and a red felt nose A shaggy cotton skin and just one set of clothes Sittin' on a shelf in a local department store With no dreams to dream and nothin' to be sorry for CHORUS I wish I was a teddy bear Not livin' or lovin' nor goin' nowhere I wish I was a teddy bear And I'm wishin' that I hadn't fallen in love with you I wish I had a wooden heart and a sawdust mind Then your mem'ry wouldn't come around hurtin' all the time I'd have a sewed-on smile and a painted twinkle in my eye And I never would have ever had to learn how to cry CHORUS I wish I had a string you could pull to make me say "Hi, I'm Teddy-ain't it a lovely day?" Then I'd know every time I spoke the words were right And none would know the mess I made of my life CHORUS And I'm wishin' that I hadn't fallen in love with you


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