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THE TELEPHONE SONG Roberto Menescal Astrud Gilberto (with Stan Getz) Buzz! Buzz! Line is busy every time that I call Buzz! Heís the longest talker Iíve ever known Buzz! Buzz! Iíve been trying hard to reach him all day Buzz! When I get him Iíll forget what to say Should I call the operator Is the number that he gave me my own? Buzz! Buzz! Iíve been sitting here and dialling all day Buzz! Got to get him and there must be a way Buzz! Buzz! If you heard the way he begged me to call Buzz! You could never understand it at all When I met him he was quiet But now we long to talkÖ.. Buzz! Buzz! Think Iím going to give up, canít stand it anymore Buzz!Buzz! Have decided that this romance is through - Can it be true, that it is ringing? I canít believe it! Wait till I say Hello! (Contributed by Ms Pamela Molyneux - July 2010)


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