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TEN PRETTY GIRLS Jimmy Kennedy (m), Will Grosz (l) as rec by Sam Browne w Ambrose and His Orch (1937) There were ten pretty girls at the village school Picture ten village belles at a village school Cute and sweet, short and tall And a boy loved them all But you can't marry ten pretty girls There were ten pretty girls, and I'll tell you this That the boy's biggest thrill was to steal a kiss But it don't mean a thing Playing kiss-in-the-ring 'Cause you can't marry ten pretty girls Now, five were blondes, and four brunettes And one was a saucy little redhead The girls grew up The boy left school And at twenty one he wedded the saucy little redhead Oh, that one pretty girl at the village school Here's what she taught the boy at the village school Kissing girls may be fun But your heart picks on one So you can't marry ten pretty girls (Transcribed by Sir Isaac - August 2012)


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