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THAT'S HOW I NEED YOU (Words by Joe McCarthy, Joe Goodwin / Music by Al. Piantadosi, 1912) Sometimes when someone needs something, something to make someone glad, why couldn't something help someone, Why should that someone be sad? You are the something I mean, dear, I am the someone so blue, Love is so hard to explain dear, I only know that I need you. Something could change someone's world, dear, Something could brighten the sky, something could make someone happy, if something only would try. Someone is waiting and hoping, hoping to have someone near, I am the someone, who's waiting, you are the something so dear. Like the roses need their fragrance, like a sweetheart needs a kiss, like the summer needs the sunshine, like a laddie needs a miss; like a broken heart needs gladness, like the flowers need the dew, like a baby needs its mother, that's how I need you.


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