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THAT'S WHAT I CALL SWEET MUSIC (Music: Pete Wendling / Lyrics: Jack Meskill & Al Hoffman) Paul Specht and His Orch. - 1929 Sophie Tucker - 1929 Ruth Etting - 1929 Hear that music, isn't it sweet? Come on, baby, shake your feet I don't care for operas grand But when my sweetie says "Hold my hand" That's what I call sweet music Bah-doodle-ah-dah-dah-dee-dee Classic songs I never would miss But when my sweetie says "Come on, let's kiss" That's what I call sweet music Bah-dah I know all the little birds, the bees Up in the trees, sing melodies But the pretty songs they sing don't mean a thing When sweetie coos sweet nothing You may like your rhapsody blue But when my sweetie says "I love you" That's what I call (That's what he calls) That's what I call sweet music (contributed by paolo petrozziello - December 2008)


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