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THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL From the 1952 movie starring Kirk Douglas & Lana (David Raskin) Love is wrong. It sings a hopeless song. It longs for bitter disappointment and tears…and tears. It calls to all that used to be, And it yearns for someone who was tender…..but untrue. Love is blind. It’s helplessly inclined, To bind itself to discontentment and fears…and fears. It dwells on nights that might have been. Love needs nothing more to do. My darling…. So, I hold each little token…we knew…..we knew. Endlessly I unfold, each word we’ve spoken, We two….we two. Love is mad. It’s beautiful but bad. It gladly weeps when disillusion appears…appears. And so…I cling to yesterdays, While I’m hopelessly in love, While I’m hopelessly in love, With you. (Transcribed by Phillip Picciotti - December 2003)


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