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THE BANNERMAN (Roger Cook / Herbie Flowers / Roger Greenaway) Blue Mink - 1971 So we waved our hands as we marched along and the people smiled as we sang our song and the world was saved as they listened to the band. and the Banner-Man held the banner high he was ten feet tall and he touched the sky and I wish that I could be a Banner-Man. Glory Glory Glory listen to the band. Sing the same old story ain't it something grang to be good as you can like a Banner-Man ! And the drums went Boom as the cornets play and the tuba 'umba''d' all the way and the kids and the dogs were laughing as they ran. And the Banner-Man held the banner high with an Allelujah in his eye and I wish that I could be a Banner-Man. Glory Glory Glory... So we reached the square on the top of the hill and the music stopped and we stood still and a few were saved and the people said Amen Then we all got up and we formed a queue and the drums went BANG as the trumpets blew and we marched back down into the town again.


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