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THE BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY Album : Ad-Libs & Friends The Ad-Libs Manhattan Transfer Oo-wah Oo-wah cool cool Kitty Tell us about the boy from New York City Oo-wah Oo-wah C'mon Kitty Tell us about the boy from New York City He's kinda tall, he's really fine Someday I hope to make him mine all mine And he's neat, and oh so sweet And just the way he looked at me swept me off my feet Oo-oo-weee, you ought to come and see How he walks, and how he talks. He's really down, and he's no clown He has the finest penthouse I've ever seen in town And he's cute, in his mohair suit And he keeps his pockets full of spending loot Oo-oo-wee, you ought to come and see His pretty bar, and his brand new car Every time he says he loves me, Chills run down my spine Every time he wants to kiss me Oo, he makes me feel so fi-i-ine. (Oo-wah oo-wah etc.) He can dance, and make romance And that's when I fell in love with just one glance He was shy, and so was I And now I know we'll never ever say goodbye. Oo-oo-wee, you ought to come and see He's the most, from coast to coast.


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