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THE DAYS OF MY YOUTH (Lyrics & Music : Kuiokalani Lee) Aiko Brothers Arthur Lyman Don Ho Ed Kenney Henry Kapono Jack de Mello Used to fly like the birds on the wings of the wind, I have played in the sun with a joy deep within, I had laughter as a toy and a sweet for my tooth In the beautiful days of my youth. Ev'ry one that I met was a friend, not a foe, The fears I have learned way back then I didn't know. Not one deed meant unkind, not one thought uncouth, In the beautiful days of my youth. The time quickly passed, the years traveled on; The hopes and the dreams have diminished and gone, Now the child that I face, how familiar he seems, He's wearing my eyes and living my dreams, Ah, my innocent child, I'll spare the untruths Of the magical days, the bright shining days, The beautiful days of your youth.


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