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THE JITNEY MAN Earl Hines I'm the jitney man; A regular jockey I am, Any place you want to go I can take you fast or slow, Boodle-e-a-da-a-day. I'm the jitney man. Oh, I can drive I can, Behind this wheel I'm the man, Take it easy in your seat, Everything will be all reet, Holly-la-ally-ah I'm the jitney man! You don't even have to call, Look like you're going somewhere, And I'll be there with the door wide open, Waiting to take your fare. I'm the jitney man, Take you and bring you, my friend; I'm always up and down the street; A jitney driver's got to eat; Boo-deedle-a-dee-ah. I'm the jitney man!


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