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THE LAST KISS (David Cassidy / A. Tarney) David Cassidy (backing vocal : George Michael) There were times all along That I thought I was catching on Now I see it was only Time catching up with me As you stand at the door I know I've never wanted you more Ther's just one thing before you turn And you walk out on me Chorus: If this is the last kiss If this is the last touch If this is the last time I can ever be holding you If this is the last embrace I can never forget your face If this is the last kiss I'll get used to it I'll get through this somehow, someway I won't stand in your way I won't even begin to say That you never looked better Never looked so good to me Though I've asked this before I won't ever ask anything more Just close your eyes and Please do this for me And (Repeat Chorus) If you ever meet another And he's not what you're looking for Then don't surrender 'cause you might discover There's somebody somewhere who's waiting for you Remember the last kiss Just remember the last touch Remember the last time I will ever be holding you Just remember the last embrace I can never forget your face If this is the last kiss Can't get used to it, won't get used to it, no how no, no way Never get used to it no way


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