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THE LETTER THAT NEVER REACHED HOME (Words by Edgar Leslie, Bernie Grossman / Music by Archie Gottler, 1916) Just after the fray where brave soldiers lay upon the field their comrades came to carry them away, they picked up a note some poor fellow wrote, they read it with a tear dimmed eye 'twas a soldier's last good bye. He's only just one a husband or son who knows but what he left before his work on earth was done, but some one may yearn for some one's return and never know just where he went or the message that he sent. Just an old fashioned letter that lay on the ground it came from a soldier boy's heart before he ever could send it he had to end it "I love you" was all he could start. It was found without an address not even a name, so his message will never be known, only God in His might, know's who waiting tonight for the letter that never reached home.


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