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THE LIGHT FROM YOUR SMILE Jackson Browne Oh the light from your smile Can be seen for a mile By travellers dark in their sorrow If you want me to stay Throw a smile my way And Iíll stay by your side ítill tomorrow Woooah... ícause all my battered dreams are shattered now And I need all your beauty to warm me In the time that Iíve known you Iíve always shown you That I could be captured in kindness Now a stormís blowiní Tomorrow Iím goiní Well the sun takes away my blindness Woooah... Cause all my tattered hopes are shattered now I wait for the future to touch me Oh the morning is nearing The clouds disappearing The sun will be coming to guide me Wherever I go I want you to know That I carry your smile beside me Woooah... The slowly shifting fog is lifting now And I see the road Iíll be taking


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