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THE LOST CHORD (Arthur Sullivan / Adelaide Anne Proctor) Enrico Caruso - 1912 Alma Gluck - 1918 John McCormack - 1923 Nelson Eddy - 1940 John Aler - 1995 Robert White - 1995 Also recorded by: Dame Clara Butt; St. James Choir; Phillip McCann: Mormon Tabernacle Choir; River City Brass Band; Robert Shaw Chorale; Sellers Engineering Band. Seated one day at the organ I was weary and ill at ease And my fingers wander'd idly over the noisy keys I know not what I was playing Or what I was dreaming then But I struck one chord of music Like the sound of a great amen Like the sound of a great amen It flooded the crimson twilight Like the close of an angel's psalm And it lay on my fever'd spirit With a touch of infinite calm It quieted pain and sorrow Like love overcoming strife, It seem'd the harmonious echo from our discordant life It link'd all perplexed meanings Into one perfect peace, and trembled away into silence As if it were loath to cease I have sought, but I seek vainly That one lost chord divine Which came from the soul of the organ And enter'd into mine It may be death's bright angel Will speak in that chord again It maybe that only in heav'n I shall hear that grand amen


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