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THE MAN I USED TO BE From the show “Pipe Dream” 1955 (Rodgers / Hammerstein) Samuel Ramey & the National Philharmonic Orchestra The man I used to be, a happy man was he And aimless as a leaf in a gale Whatever has become of that light-hearted bum Who thought he had the world by the tail The man I used to be, his life was gay and free And aimless as a cloud in the sky He thought he knew the game, then along came a dame Who turned him into some other guy I’ve got ambition now, I’ve got a mission now I aim to reach the top of the tree That other fly-by-night who looked so high by night Has vanished like a sail on the sea And I’ll never find that easy-living, Easy-taking, easy-giving fellow that I used to call me You can never find the man you used to be You’ve changed bub, you’ve changed a lot And the gang you used to go with all concur You’ve changed bub, you’re not yourself If this is yourself, you’re not the man you were The man I used to be would go to sleep at three Or four a.m. or seven or nine And when his weary head wasn’t near any bed A table or chair would be fine A man without a goal, a sort of friendly soul He liked to play the role of a host To any thirsty pal or a casual gal Who’d stay to cook his coffee and toast He was a ne’er-do-well who wouldn’t dare do well He never saw the top of a tree But kinda sad I was to be the cad I was Dissolving like a sail on the sea And I’ll never find that fatalistic, Free-and-easy egotistic optimist who used to be me You can never find the man you used to be


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