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THE NEWCASTLE SONG Bob Hudson Chorus: Dont' you ever let a chance go by, O Lord, Don't you ever let a chance go by. Yes, up in Newcastle they have very strange mating habits. All the young women of Newcastle walk down the main street which is called Hunter Street for reasons that will become obvious later on in the song. All the young men of Newcastle drive down Hunter Street in their hot FJ Holdens with chrome plated grease nipples and double reverse overhead twin cam door handles, sitting eight abreast in the front seat, and they lean out of the window and say real cool things to the sheilas on the footpath, like 'Aah g'day'. And every now and then, of course, one of the young ladies thinks to herself Ummmm she thinks Ummmmm. Don't you ever let a chance go by, oh Lord Don't you ever let a chance go by Chorus Anyway there was this mob of blokes driving down Hunter Street in the front seat of the hot FJ with chrome plated grease nipples and twin overhead foxtails, and the coolest of them all, who got to sit near the window, was young Norm. And they pulled up outside the Parthenon milk bar and standing outside the Parthenon was this beautiful looking sheila. Oooh! Oooh! said young Normie who'd come top of his class in English, Ooooh! he said. So he leaned out of the window, and he said real, real suave like, he said G'day. This nine foot tall Hell's Angel came out of the Parthenon milk bar, looked at Norm and said Arr, what are ya? Norm said What are you? Bloke on the footpath said D'ya want a go, do ya mate, eh? Norm said Yeah, d'you want a go, mate? Bloke on the footpath said Yeah I'll have a go Norm said D'you know who you're picking? The bloke on the footpath said Nah, who am I picking? Norm said You find out And all of a sudden there was a break in the traffic, and as any young Newcastle lad knows- when you're getting monstered by a nine foot tall Hells Angel and there's a break in the traffic.... Chorus Don't you ever let a chance go by, oh Lord Don't you ever let a chance go by


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