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THE ONLY LIGHT ON MY HORIZON Sha-Na-Na The footlights and the curtain calls The way she spoke the lines, As though she meant them just for me - It fooled me every time. Now I'm forgotten for another stage door clown. I wish I hadn't left you, I wish I hadn't left you. Now I'm on the road alone and homeward bound. (chorus) You're the only light still shining on my horizon now. Shine on, shine on. You're the only silver lining in the grey cloud all around. Shine on, shine on. You light the way ahead, The road I tread is getting hard to climb. I only hope I reach that light in time. You're a lonely cello playing In the silence all around. You're the only light on my horizon now. The diamonds and the Dior gowns, The rose at every door, The ritzy restaurants uptown was what she took me for. No more than a two-bit player in her masquerade. I wish I hadn't left you, I wish I hadn't left you. Though in your eyes I fit the part I play. (repeat chorus) Yes, you're the only light on my horizon now.


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