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THERE'S GOOD BLUES TONIGHT (Edna Osser / Abe Osser) Tommy Dorsey & His Orch. (vocal: Sy Oliver) - 1946 Les Brown & His Orch. (vocal: Doris Day) - 1946 Lucky Millinder & His Orch. (vocal: Annisteen Allen) - 1946 Martha Tilton - 1946 The Pied Pipers - 1946 Hal McIntyre & His Orch. - 1946 Erskine Hawkins Big Band - 1946 Bobby Sherwood & His Orch. - 1946 Ah yes, there's good blues tonight There's good blues tonight You can't help but dance 'Cause the music is really right Ah yes, there's good blues tonight There's groovy blues tonight A chance to romance When the dancin' is liltin' light Each Chuck can cheek to cheek it with his chick No date that's late can rate the latest licks Ah yes, there's good blues tonight There's true blues tonight So hold your baby tight 'Cause there's sure good blues tonight I'm a-tellin' you, Jack, great days are back Take the word of a bird with an ear Gather round the stand, listen to the band It's the blues you've been waitin' to hear (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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