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THE VALLEY OF STRATHMORE From Silly Wizard : So Many Partings Andy M. Stewart By the clear and winding streams Of the valley of Strathmore Where my love and I have been Where we wander nevermore Chorus: But if time were a thing man could buy All the money that I have in store I would give for one day by her side In the Valley of Strathmore From the glen of the golden an' green I have left for a land far away Where sadness has ne'er been seen And joy only costs a days pay Chorus In Strathmore theres a long workin' day For the man who lays hands on the hill But it's work I'd be happy to do If at night I was lyin' with you Chorus As I take a long draught from my glass I am drinkin the Long Hill again But I try no to think on my loss For the old days will ne'er come again Chorus


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