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THE VIRGIN Gene Clark She went off to the city To find what she was looking for To identify, to really try To find herself some hope With the summer sun for laughing And the winter rain did pour She was lovelier from learning And from living, loving more From her dancing love and young soul And the gypsies in her dream To the pulse of stark acceptance When the winds began to freeze With no curfews left to hold her And no walls to shield her pain Finding out that facts were older And that life forms are insane. The presence of protection seemed To fade, as did her doubt That she now was no exception Nor was the love who pushed her out Though the streets cried out, Go, homesick Virtues strength of mind would ring In the maladies of meaning The sad song she learned to sing. Now, her teachers and philosophers And the poet`s silver throat Are the vessels which on wisdom`s karmic ocean she will float. Was this her revolution, Just a child in love`s crusade, With the question in her innocence Through the lies her eyes betrayed?


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