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THE WARMTH OF THE SUN (Mike Love / Brian Wilson) The Beach Boys Also recorded by: Available Jelly; Michael Bristow; California Project; Mark Doyle; Friends of Dean Martinez; Kohala; Laura Martier; Willie Nelson; Jay Rowe; Royal Philharmonic Orch.; Schizo Fun Addict; Trio Rococo; Gary Usher; Tim Weston; Brian Wilson. What good is the dawn That grows into day The sunset at night Or living this way For I have the warmth of the sun (warmth of the sun) Within me at night (within me at night) The love of my life She left me one day I cried when she said I don’t feel the same way Still I have the warmth of the sun (warmth of the sun) Within me tonight (within me tonight) I’ll dreams of her arms And though they’re not real Just like she’s still there The way that I feel I loved like the warmth of the sun (warmth of the sun) It won’t ever die (it won’t ever die)


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