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THE WHISTLING SONG (A. (Avril?) Angers / B. Wicks) Billy Cotton & His Band When she walks down the street All the cops on the beat turn and whistle (Wolf whistle) When she rides in the row All the boys shout out “Whoa” and they whistle (Wolf Whistle) Apart from the fact that it’s coarse A whistle unsettles the horse And an unsettled horse can result in a very sad end, My friend When she travels by air Pilots turn round and stare and they whistle (Wolf whistle) When she rides in a train Porters do it again, they all whistle (Wolf whistle) Now she’s met a boy who can’t whistle at all But he’s very handsome, he’s dark and he’s tall He couldn’t care less about all of the rest They can whistle (Musical Break) When she goes for a hike Or a rid on a bike how they whistle (Wolf whistle) All the butchers and bakers And candlestick makers all whistle (Wolf Whistle) She doesn’t consider it rude You can’t call the lady a prude So our local attraction Gives some slight reaction She’ll bow, and how. When she goes to the movies Or goes to a show how they whistle (Wolf whistle) When she puts on her coat And is ready to go how they whistle (Wolf whistle) They whistled like mad when she went to a ball She turned to the dark man who’s handsome and tall And said “Aren’t they darlings, good luck to them all They can whistle” (Wolf whistle) (Contributed by Bill Huntley - September 2006)


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